Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Notes from Doug

(We are working on getting Doug set up to post directly to the blog. Until then, Carol will post his writings.)
The September Meeting by all measures that are important was a fantastic success. Especially, that the group had a fun time. I have never thought that gardening was work as I have always thought that work could not be defined as FUN.... and garden is fun and is one technique that help rid ones body of stress.

We had Krista Lewin take a group picture that hopefully will be placed in our now available website. John Dean reported in the meeting that the greenhouses will be dismantled by a contractor some time this fall if the current arrangements work out. We will still be able to garden until John finds an owner for the property. John, Thanks again for the use of the property. The website features a picture of John that reminds me of a wise man with years of life experiences. Oh, so true! The hat adds the gardener's look.

And the Tomato Taste Off winner was......

Zak Standerfer with Purple Cherokee tomatoes. Zak won the peoples choice and the judges choice. Congrats Zak!!! Zak was quite helpful starting up the garden by placing mulch in the pathway the Spring. Thanks.
Madelyn and Sharon did much work to set up the office for the meeting. It was a success.... thanks to their work.

The next meeting will be October 1, 2009 on Thursday night at 6:30 at Dean's front office. It should be seed saving night. We will talk about seed saving and the "how to" techniques. Please bring seeds to shares as this is an important function of I will leave seed envelopes at Dean's for you use. They will be the ones with the plastic window so one can see the seeds. Eddie Bell has sent us seeds for sharing and I have packaged them and I will share them at our next meeting. Eddie Bell is our Kentucky victory garden connection and we really have a good source of information with her addition to the group.

I am going to ask Carol to a place counter on the site so we can track the site usage. I am going to guess that we get 50,000 hits the first year. I wonder if this is doable.

[Editor's note: There is one more "gem" that I think deserves it's own post. Stay tuned.]

Keep on gardening!


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