Thursday, September 10, 2009

A new local variety: Elsie's Tomatoes

(From Doug)

I think the group may have missed a hidden gem in the contest. Greg Yoder brought a tomato that has been saved by Greg Yoder's grandfather's sister, Elsie. It came out of the Amish community and can be tracked for about 100 years. Elsie has been saving this seed for years and Greg thinks it was used in the Yoder Canning business in the 1940's. I happen to have an advertisement for this tomato that I will show the group later on. I noticed its large tear drop shape and it was quite tasty. It was not one of the better looking ones so it may have been passed over by the group. I would call it a cross between a large Roma and a round slicing tomato. It has all the qualities of a good canning tomato. We shall call this the Elsie Tomato. I will be saving seed from this gem. I love to find heirloom tomatoes like this one that can come out of hiding and shared with the world. My guess is this will make a great salsa variety, with just the right taste, body and consistency.

Keep on gardening!


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