Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Doug's Update: Growing and Eating Good Local Food

Update from Doug:

It looks like I have quite a bit of news to report and our efforts seem to be spreading on all fronts. The Fire Fly Restaurant manager in Effingham talked with me about their home grown vegetables and Luke the manager mentioned his plans to have a Farm Market at the restaurant.

Jibby's is now getting requests for menu items prepared with our Victory garden vegetables. Madelyn reported at Jean Titus's food prep class that her neighbors went out to eat at Jibby's and requested an entree prepared with community garden herbs and vegetables. As usual, Jibby's served them a wonderful meal. Don't forget to let them know you appreciate our vegetables.

Jean's food prep class is also growing and it had to go back to the the Tabernacle church's annex building next to the old Graber's lumber yard for class ( Food Prep classes are prepared and served on the 2nd Saturday of each month) as the group just got too big for Jean's new health food building. Contact Jean Titus at Abundance of Life Health and Wellness Center for details! Several members of the group mentioned that they are intending to go to Jibby,s just to taste some of the vegetable dishes.... as a matter of fact Jibby's has been in contact with Jean and she is going to share some of her recipes with them. Jean does great soups and, as fall and winter approach, I look forward to having lunch specials at Jibby's prepared from Jean's recipes. It is quite handy to have a health food store in Sullivan, so I recommend letting Jean and Terry know which supplements and other health food store related items you need so they can be specially ordered. The business is small and can only handle a small inventory, so this is a great way for them to meet your needs and help out the business at the same time. These are the businesses listed below that are promoting the concept of locally grown produce and are supporting our Community Garden. Let's hope the group grows. Remember: Use 'em or lose 'em!!!

One last item..... the County worked in cooperation with the City of Sullivan to prepare plans and bid out the construction of a City-owned oncrete parking lot behind Jibby's Restaurant. As the construction nears completion I see an opportunity to have a small community garden plot in the SW corner of the parking lot. I am lobbying to use this spot... take a look and see if this might be a worthy project!!!!

One last last item....I have been very grateful that Carol has been developing this website... so I have been leaving vegetables at their back door step .... I will try to keep them coming as I have time to pick. Her contribution has been at the computer, not the garden, although they enjoy the fresh food.


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