Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Creative Health Greenville SC

I thought it was a good time to draft up an update to the victory garden website as the DeLong family is traveling home and moving through the Smoky Mountains of North Carolina from my Niece Katie’s (Katie is my brother Jeff’s oldest daughter), wedding to Naval academy graduate and now Marine officer 1st Lt. A.J. Dulik The Stay in Greenville South Carolina was enjoyable as reunion with old friends and family made it an event that will stay with me for the rest of my life. Katie and AJ have deep love for one another and I hope someday they will expand the family tree.

While in Greenville we stayed at the Westin Hotel in down town Greenville and it was very close to a holistic Health care center called Creative Health. The slogan next to the sign read, “Helping others help themselves.” The sign made me interested enough to walk in and check things out. The front door sign made me think this is similar to the concept that we would like to promote at local Victory Gardens. Our slogan is “conquering world hunger one block at a time.” And it will ultimately require new habit and practices from all involved just as improved health required changes in habits to find improved health. The success of the Greenville store made me think that Jean and Terry Titus (important active members of our community Garden and owners of Abundance of Life Health and Wellness Center should have quite a future ahead if they follow in the footsteps of the owner Terry Hall-Hines of Creative Health. I walked in the store to find five people behind the counter all busy taking orders and helping customers fill order and find merchandise… the Creative Health store has a 20 year head start and after inquiring around with some local people I learned that it is quite successful which confirmed my original observation when I walked into the business. A well-timed quote I noticed inlayed on the sidewalk a block away from the store was quite appropriate “ You can observe a lot by just watching.” Yogi Berra.

I soon learned that the owner Terry Hall-Hines had a full schedule of clients lined up to meet and discuss health issues noticed by viewing one’s eyes as well as other techniques. One interesting technique she employs is called iridology which is an alternative medicine practice used widely in the Eastern world. Its beginnings are traced back to the Egyptians, who used examinations of the eyes irises to diagnose internal health problems long before technology performed such tasks. I drafted a quick note to let Terry know I was interested in having an examination since I have been troubled with excessive and serious dry eye condition for quite some time…. But since my time was short I correctly imagined that we would not get a chance to personally meet. Maybe someday we will meet up.

Luckily, a part owner and health care expert, Alison Lively, agreed to give me a quick eye examination and diagnosed my overall health through a magnified view of my iris. Her finding was quite accurate and of no surprise to me, which made me more confident that , this method has merit. More importantly she suggested a few supplements such as magnesium and another herbal treatment that should help me overcome my dry eye medical condition..... I will report on the progress in later postings. The iris revealed or suggested that my heart function was good…. That is always nice to hear. Lastly and most importantly I should eat more vegetables. This is the part that one should come out of with the posting. It is something that is most common method that one will need to practice if one wants to share good health.

From a little searching through the internet I find the quote.

"Vegetable love" is thus a love that grows, takes nourishment, and reproduces, although slowly. It also dates back to the Roman empire and actual can mean strong man although it later changed to mean in 1582.... as I found recorded for the first time the adjective use of vegetable familiar to us, "having to do with plants." In a work of the same date appears the first instance of vegetable as a noun, meaning "a plant."

This is quite interesting that Alison has the last name of Lively which goes quite nicely with the fact that she encourages the consumption of Vegetables which seem to show up all over the internet with the word living or lively.

I will send info concerning our upcoming monthly meeting this Thursday October 1..... later tonight.

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